dealsstarcraft ii: wings of liberty for $17.99 + free…


Been waiting for the price to drop on this one for a long time!

I believe they also have free 4-7 day shipping.


Wow.. $18 is almost enough to make me forget about the 12 year wait, the clear disregard for the SC franchise in general while milking the WOW franchise, the clear money grab that is the three part trilogy, the Saturday morning cartoon dialog complexity, and the always-on DRM.



Didn't work for me. Site said: "There is an issue with promo code STW311. Please check promo code again or contact customer service."


As a consolation prize, [url='';]these guys have Wings of Liberty for $33.50[/url].

They also have [url='';]Heart of the Swarm for $38.50[/url].


The code worked for me. Try creating another account. I had the same problem ordering a second flash drive from newegg even though the site said limit 5, but by creating another account the code worked fine. Sweet! Starcraft 2 for $17.99!