dealsdell d630 laptop – 1.8ghz intel core2 duo, 4gb…


The instant downvotes (3-4 minutes after posting) is looking suspicious. It's at -8 when I first saw it.. but the deal looks like a good price.

A laptop for ~$200 with 4GB of RAM and a 160GB hard drive? Even with a slow processor that's a solid grab-and-go machine for document editing and web surfing.

Much better than a tablet, or other laptops at comparable prices!


I bought the HP 6910P deal when they had that about a month ago:

I upgraded the specs. So far, it's been great (using it now), but just starting to notice that when the battery dies, it won't turn on even with the AC plugged in. I have to take out the battery for it to turn on, or let the battery charge for a while before I can turn it on. Hoping it just means I need a new battery.


I'm with toge on this one. I don't see what the problem is, unless it is due to the deal being on ebay. This would be a great deal for anyone wanting to put a laptop into the hands of their kids, but not wanting to spend much money.

It's not a gaming computer, but it'll do farcebook and yours-and-mine-crafting just fine. It might even run peeved avians too.


@toge: It's a "fair" price. Two weeks ago, I posted a new Lenovo for $229. That's for current technology and a full warranty, not 4-year old technology with a 60-day warranty.

The batteries are going to be questionable at this age, so to have to shell out more bucks to be truly portable ... that doesn't make financial sense IMHO.


I don't get the downvotes either. I had one of these for my work computer for 3 years. Packed it up and took it home and put in my docking station then packed it up to take to work the next day, every day. It was a good solid dependable laptop. The only problem I ever had was corp software related. Battery did get pretty weak near the end, but that's normal.

Looks like a really good deal to me.


I downvoted this one too, because I bought this SAME computer during a Woot-Off a year ago for this price. I've seen the price come down on this model to ~$200 mark around the end of the year, it should be dropping, not selling for what it did last year. Don't get me wrong, it's a good solid laptop, my wife loves it, but it's not a good price.


I picked up one of the "refurb" HPs they sold last month. Terrible reseller. Not refurb, but used equip with a new OS. It came with a bios install error on 1st boot. I had to downgrade the bios and then upgrade it again. Battery was DOA - they don't guarantee the batteries. Also, the laptop was filthy - i scraped gunk out of the keyboard with a toothpick. Avoid BTG. (The BTG support guy was courteous and helpful but overwhelmed with work).


We have thousands of these in the school system I work at and they are complete (profanity) Don't buy this underpowered piece of crap. Seriously, they are one of the worst machines I've ever worked on and the PC Tech hates them.


My GF got this deal from the woot last time and they said it would come with a docking station which was never shipped. The laptop is "ok", it's not blazing fast, but works well for her usage of simple web surfing and paying bills online.


I am 100% with wazzitallmean! Got same deal a month ago 4 my elderly Father. It's been nothing but a headache. 1st it wouldn't turn on. Called them @ 8 a.m. said they would call me back in 1/2 hour. Waited til 3pm and they had not called. Called again and finally support guy says sounds like you have a bad hard drive and would send one. Told me I would have it next day. I assumed he was going to overnight it. Wrong took 3 days to get here. He thought since we lived 1 state away we would get next day w/o over nighting it lol. Finally got new drive and he walked me through replacing it. When I took the cover off I found the original drive was not plugged in! He said o.k. lets use that. I said no lets use new one since I made them give me a larger drive for all the trouble. (this was only thing I could compliment them on n he is nice but overwhelmed) Turned it on and I get an xp login he said oh the guy was supposed to wipe that! Since then have had a # of more problems.


The site isn't specific, but the models of this laptop that came with the Nvidia Quadro were part of a class action suit against Nvidia. To me it looks like a lot of these covered under the lawsuit were stuffed into a warehouse until last year when the repair/warranty for it expired. Suddenly everyone is selling them.


Everything else aside I have to say DO NOT BUY A DELL! The one year I had one I had more problems with it than I have ever had with all my other computers combined, and that was with a new one. They are cheaply made and their customer service sucks. It's bad enough when you are trying to explain a problem to someone they have outsourced to but on top of that every time it sounded like that had not even put these people in an office but rather left them on a busy street corner in India.


@thewronggrape: I disagree with yop on this. If your battery dies completely on many laptops, the computer gets stuck thinking it should be drawing power from the battery, even though there is no juice and won't pull power from the AC until you remove the battery. You should be able to pop the battery, plug in power, boot up and plug the battery back in. To avoid this, just don't let your battery drain all the way down.

Source: This happens all the time where I work, so much so that we ask people this question in our technical phone screens for new support techs.


I went to the site and it says its only a 60 gig hd and only 2 gigs of ram.


I lied. today only, 4gigs of ram and more space. also includes a mouse! woot!


@go2vegas: Hi guys. It's terrible that you had a bad experience with us. We've been selling computers for over 10 years and we're definitely not perfect but we always try to make it right. We stand behind our product 100% and want our customers to be happy with their purchase no matter what. If you're still having problems, we'll take care of it. All you have to do is call or email and we'll take care of you. I apologize and hope that you'll give us another chance to turn that frown upside down.


I'm in tech support and I have a pool of about 25 of these to support. A few of them have had power issues and died. Most of them are still running. YMMV. It is decently easy to replace parts. Yes, if the battery hasn't been replaced it will stink, but that is an every laptop made by everyone issue when the laptops are this age. (They are all at least 4 years old, just based on the timing of when we got ours.)

Honestly I would pass on this.

I would point out that Latitude is the Dell business line. In general for all PC manufacturers, business lines are made with better quality parts. They don't want to irritate business customers with cheap carp when they are spending millions. It's one thing if the el cheapo you bought on sale for $400 @ Best Buy dies, because you as a person/family will be irritated but will just go buy another laptop rather than trying to fix it. If an entire product line that a business bought several 1000s of dies, people get more than irritated.


This model is pretty old. Probably available because they're being replaced at a company after a 3 or 5 year refresh. Yes, that's how old this model is.

Spend $100-$150 more and get a new laptop.


@gooseygoose: I'm writing this on my Dell laptop that is a few years old, but I have to agree. I had three Dell desktop systems that all died between 30 months and 35 months. f course, I didn't pay extra for the 3-year warranty. Now I bought three new NON-Dell systems. So far so good on this laptop, though.

Cringes at fate


@synergynt: Thanks! That works and it makes perfect sense why. I expected the battery to need replacing when I bought the laptop—just haven't gotten around to it yet.

For what it's worth, I'm pretty happy with the HP 6910 I got. Looks new and runs great. Downloaded a few HP and Windows 7 updates, and even have Photoshop installed on it. I can't comment on the model in this here deal, but I personally wouldn't hesitate to buy from BTG again if they had a deal I wanted.


The Frys deal was great, please post the next one you find! I hae a neice that needs one for school...I don't want to wait until back-to-school madness, I'd like her to have time to learn how to use it.


We had D6x0 machines in our office. When you have 1,000 laptops, you're bound to have problems with some of them. But probably 95%+ of these worked well with few issues.

Seems like a decent deal if you need a cheap non-netbook. Integrated graphics are a pity, but what do you expect for $230?


I love it when you delete my comments woot. Thank you for having hate in your hearts against Vets...