dealscommand and conquer the ultimate collection…


This requires Origin, a restrictive and sometimes intrusive DRM service. It can technically be removed or skirted around, but this isn't the click-the-icon to play old C&C. I'm not sure if they require always online anymore for this.


@limbiclibrarian: thanks for that. I was definitely considering but I kind of despise that stuff. Steam is a great tool but even that extra step to play a game kind of irritates me.


I haven't found Origin to be that bad. It's no Uplay...

Is Red Alert 3 more like C&C 3 or 4? It's the only one I've played but I'm trying to decide if I want to go for this or not.


This is an awesome deal, I got it because I've played nearly every C&C game. Now just waiting for my new pc to play them all.


Command and Conquer is awesome, but I'd personally be weary of this deal, especially if you have Windows 7. Scanning the reviews on Amazon confirms this. Keep in mind, also, that this isn't really 17 games: a lot are DLCs/expansion packs.

If you have Windows XP, it might be worth considering. Red Alert 2 and Generals were classic games I logged hours into. I personally enjoyed Red Alert 3, although not everyone did as well.