dealsstarbucks coffee on your birthday + more


I wish I had known about this before. a co-worker gave me a Starbucks gc for the holidays. the thread title may be a little mis-leading, though. my 10yo loves Starbucks and I thought this would be a way to give him an extra little treat for his birthday....still something to consider with the gc I have if I can figure this out, I guess.


Also if you do buy a card OR register a gift card. When registering your card if you sign up for automatic reloads ($25 minimum) and you use a Visa as payment, Visa will add $5 to your balance. One reload must occur for the bonus to be added to your starbucks card (if you are thinking about cancelling the reload). Offer expires January 31st and the auto-reload must happen before the middle of February.


As someone that didn't know about the deal and an infrequent drinker of Starbucks coffee, I appreciate someone sharing the news.



Really only a deal for those who frequent Starbucks. If you are one of those people and you don't know about this then..... this is a deal but otherwise not so much.


This isn't necessarily a's a daily ongoing thing and has been for the past few years. Still good to spread the word, so I +1'd just for that.