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It's important to note that this unit is temperature controlled using thermoelectric [TE] cooling, rather than a compressor-based system.

Advantages of TE cooling:
-Less vibration (compressors in cheaper wine racks can cause contents to be disturbed when the compressor kicks in)
-Quieter on average (TE units do have a constant fan noise versus compressors which are silent when idling but can be somewhat noisy whilst actively cooling)
-Steady internal temperature, assuming the external temperature remains constant (since the TE cooler is always running, the internal temperature stays fairly consistent, whereas a compressor unit can vary by several degrees depending on whether the compressor is active or idling)

Main disadvantages of TE cooling:
-Typically no fine grain control over the internal temperature of the cooler.
-Inability to maintain internal temperature if the room temperature fluctuates.
-Constantly running.
-Needs attention to keep fan air intake clean.