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@steve60971 Prices are the same (Outside) or as much as $8.00 cheaper (GQ) on the magazines' own websites. Net it's no bargain and in many cases a rip-off. Boo Woot!


Outside is $6 and GQ is $5 per year. To be $8.00 cheaper at their website they would need to pay you $3 to subscribe.

You DID remember to apply the coupon code didn't you?


I don't know why everyone jumps on the down-vote bandwagon- the ones that are on sale are good deals, if there's something you want.


Who is down voting this? I mean Maxim comes out to $3.75 a year or under $15 for 4 years. I first thought it was a horrible deal until I realized the coupon code wasn't applied then it's a great deal.


I am downvoting this.
On Wired's own site a 1 year subscription is $10.
On this site a 1 year subscription is twice as much.
This is not a discount, this is not 75% off.


@yumology: I just added Wired and put the code in and Wired is now $5 a year. YOU MUST PUT IN THE COUPON CODE just the same as you do at Newegg.


Getting my upvote and here is why...

I just checked my subscription history to Family Handyman. When I first subscribed through Amazon I got 2 years for $20 but also received a $10 credit for the purchase, making the net cost $5/year. I since extended the subscription via during a promo they had in April, 4 more years for $18, cost of $4.50/year. This current promo would allow me to add on to it for $5/year after the promo code is applied. Not the best deal I got but it sure isn't very far off.

pow pow

I just purchased a year of GQ for $5. When I am done with my magazines, I tear off my address and donate them to various organizations around town. I think $5 is a great deal for this.


Aren't magazines 100% obsolete these days? The internet has everything magazines have to offer with a side of cat pictures and naked people.


I downvoted this at first because the 75% off banner indicated to me that the list prices were 75% off the cover prices. That may have been the case and the coupon code (in small text and a gray box) wasn't immediately apparent. With the 75% off coupon code (75OFF), it's a good deal. Wired includes the digital edition as well.

TL:DR; Use the coupon code 75OFF to apply the real discount.


This is a good deal people!! I think people are assuming that the 75% off is already added...You need to add the 75% off in the if it's like $15 then it would be $3.75. STOP DOWNING THIS DEAL!!