dealsfree iced coffee - 16 oz. - tuesday, may 11 for…


did it say you needed to bring that coupon? and where do you live?? (If seen someone in NY metro got the same offer) Just wondering if its nation wide or not...


can you post a screenshot of the deal? or a regular one and upload to or something similar?


@highwyre237: I'm in Harrisonburg, VA. There is nothing on the ad saying that a coupon is required. The ad had coupons attached to it, but they are for $.99 lattes and ice teas. It also doesn't say what locations are participating and which are not, but I figured if I got it in the mail, my local DDs are probably participating...won't know until the 11th.


@perkalicious11: Excellent idea. Here you go:

Sorry about the glare/quality of the pic. Let me know if you can't see something.


@perkalicious11: Here's another showing the fine print:


Unfortunately not participating in my area. Here's a link that shows which cities/states are participating:

Here are the lucky locations:
Baltimore, MD
Charlottesville, VA
Cleveland, OH
Harrisonburg, VA
Norfolk, VA
Washington, DC
Youngstown, OH
Pittsburgh, PA
Richmond, VA
Roanoke, VA
Salisbury, MD
Philadelphia, PA
Phoenix, AZ