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@bigray57: You win the prize for dumbest thing I've read on the internet all week!



What did he win? you angry that he doesnt like the deal?! I do agree with him, in that papa john is a D-bag for crying about healthcare for his employees, but i dont care if he owns 20 castles. Its America, its what we do. i wish they did go out of business, just because i hate his views on his employees and people who dont have money like him. His employees can go find another job at another shitty pizza joint who hopefully the owner looks at them as human beings.


@kmeltzer: While I don't think it's necessary to bring up personal issues with companies on deals.woot, I think it is even worse to be straight up rude to others. This happens on every Papa Johns deal and it is kind of getting old.


I boycott Papa John's because of politics. I boycott it because it doesn't taste good.


@jethroop369: Thanks for your opinion. Either upvote the deal, downvote the deal, or ignore the deal. If you decide to voice your politics on a deal, then you get what you get back. Don't like it? Move on.


It amazes me that you people have to bring your politics into a deal. The guy you hate is giving 25% off of food to people. And, he's doing it because people helped them raise over $50,000 in a day to help Salvation Army. Wow.. they are sooo evil!!! 20% off food and helping the Salvation Army. Man, terrible terrible company.

If you don't like a deal, downvote it or ignore it. But, bringing your politics into a deal is simply a lame thing to do. And, really shows your narrow mindedness.


@kmeltzer: That's it exactly. Normally I vote and move on. That isn't what you are doing though. You are downvoting comments you disagree with and posting insults directed at the posters. That isn't constructive nor is it information about the deal. I am not siding with anyone. This is a deal aggregate site, not a forum.


@jethroop369: Yes, I'm downvoting comments that have nothing to do with the actual deal, but are bringing in people's political views.

What's your point? If you don't like the way I go about it, move on. If it's not a forum, then why do you keep trying to have a non-deal related discussion by making non-deal related posts?


@kmeltzer: I'd prefer if he's spens a little bit of money providing healthcare for the people that are fixing my food, but then again, I'm not easily suckered by blatantly transparent attempts at companies pretending that they care for anything other than their CEO's castle and moat.


@publiclurker: So, all the folks who have benefits there, you think they pay 100% of their healthcare? PJs, like every other company that offers benefits, does pay. Usually, the lions share of it.

You people obviously have no idea what actually happens, or what the situation is, or the reality of any of this.

But, seriously.. if you don't think 25% food is a good deal, just downvote and move on. Your political view, not sure anyone here really cares about.


@bigray57: Where's the picture of his castle that you usually post when you say that same copy and paste comment? Thanks for not posting it this time, but next time, please do us all a favor and stop commenting. You say you don't even like Papa John's pizza? Then why not move on and let those of us who do enjoy the deal without all of your negativity? Thank you for considering my point.


@carlosarnold: Carlos where the heck have you been? Good to see you back trying to get your deal for cheap PJ pizza. I worry about you Carlos you do know that pizza is bad for your heart and you seem to live on this stuff. Well take care,always nice to hear from you and I assume we will hear from you next PJ "deal post with the same old comments.


@kmeltzer: Wow thanks for your non-ending political comments on political comments,enjoy your cheap PJ's pizza and thanks for being the mod on today's posts.