dealsaltra men’s or women’s running shoes for $39.99…


I am checking with the merchant as to why these are marked sold out. EDIT: They fixed it.


I just checked and they seem to be available... Anyone have any experience with this brand?


I run in Vibrams all the time and I thought these (the adams) would be a nice backup. They felt awkward with all the different insoles, and the Velcro strap seems like it wasn't measured before they put it on the shoe, it's too short and looks weird. I waited too long to return so I ended up selling them.


@canyadigit: "I run in Vibrams all the time... it's [the adam strap] too short and looks weird."

>_____> wat


i have these as my "barefoot winter shoe." I can't wear my vibrams with toe socks. Those socks choke my toes. I think they fit and feel good. I think i use the thinnest insert. I've tried on soooooo many "barefoot" shoes and if i can't use vibrams i use these. Overall I would recommend them.


So what makes these good? I've tried velcro strapped shoes, they're loose, feet slosh around, quite unsuited to running, nothing like barefoot. Is this different?