dealscrash - movies on google play for $0.25


It's a smart move how Google is renting out all these cheap, good movies not available on Netflix.


Not sure if it's a glitch or if I'm the only one, but on my android phone if I try to launch Market, it wants me to agree to Google Play TOS. If I decline, it kicks me out of Market. So are they forcing people to agree to the Play TOS in order to continue using Market? Seems kinda MicroShafty to me.


@tbase when you first got your android phone and opened the market for the first time, you were forced to agree to TOS too. Otherwise you couldn't authorize purchases and such.


@mtgfanatic204: Ah. Guess I just didn't remember that. I just found it odd that it was a TOS for Play and not Market. I never buy movies from Market and don't intend to, so don't see why I should have to agree to the TOS for it.


My "Market" icon turned into a "Play" icon last night. So I guess Market is now Play. That explains it. Guess they wanted a term related to fun rather than spending money ;)