deals$10 off any $50 purchase @ omaha steaks


great; now i'm craving meat at 1 in the morning. this will have to wait 'til breakfast!


Warning: buy anything from Omaha Steaks, and they will not stop hounding you by phone, email and direct mail.


Save your money. Omaha Steaks is a marketing scam. Notice their website does not even state what grade of "gourmet" beef they are selling to the public.
You are much better off buying beef from your local grocery where you can actually see what you are buying and where the grade is clearly stated on the label.


The only reason to buy Omaha Steaks is when you want to send a gift to someone else, have a pretty big budget, and they specifically requested overpriced meat.


@adingostolemybaby: so when you send the gift of Omaha Steaks to someone, do you also give the gift that keeps on giving? The hounding by phone, email, and direct mail? ;)


AGAIN! This is becoming our new sleep light woot. Again, Omaha is overpriced. They spend way too much on Marketing and have to make money. Not a great deal if you look at the total price. The meat is good, that isn't the issue. But it your paying prime meat pricing for overpriced choice meat. One wooter got it right. I love to get them as gift. It is just way overpriced. This is a SALE for THEM, not the consumer. They only recover some of the marketing cost. Buy it if you hate going to a good butcher. It is the lazy man's way of buying good beef.


@stebu: I'm not proud of it, but I used to work in the Omaha Steaks call center. Every initial order gets the person placed on a monthly cycling call list. You will get called once a month until you ask to be pulled off their list. And even then the call center rep has to fill out an extra form to get you out of the call cycle, which sometimes never happens. Fun stuff.


If you want some high quality steaks, find a local meat locker. Go in with 2-6 other couples and split a cow. Not only are the steaks A+, the ground beef you get is infinitely better than what you buy at stores.


@stebu: On the plus side. I ordered something from then once because I had a gift card. I hadn't ordered in awhile so they sent me another gift card for $20 which I promptly sold on ebay. Then another and another came. They've stopped now but for awhile it was nice being able to sell their gift cards for profit.


This is not a deal, it's the same horsecrap from Omaha than you can find anywhere. Their products are just fine, way overpriced, and have too many "pseudo" deals to speak of. I really don't understand what they are selling, other than dry ice.


Glad to see everyone feels the same way as I! I had to hold a mobile meat guy from Omaha steaks at gun point to take my steaks back and leave my property. Woot!


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