deals4-d cityscape new york city puzzle for $14.99


Unless it changes with respect to time, it's only 3D. >.>


@3lemental: You missed this :
You can re-create the city over time, replacing older buildings with new skyscrapers as you go, from the 1812 City Hall to the 1950 U.N. building to the Freedom Tower, planned for 2013.


@3lemental: It's definitely 4D due to the wibbily wobbily timey wimey stuff in the description


I got the Paris version for my girlfriend and she loves it. It's a really fun puzzle to put together and the Paris one was quite difficult, which made it even more fun. I wish there was a better way to keep pieces in place since there are so many levels, but at this price its well worth it for any puzzle lover you may know.


Perhaps this is on sale because it's a puzzle of Manhattan, and is missing the other four (Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island) of the city's boroughs. Additionally, Manhattan is missing its northern tip, so no Yankee Stadium or Citifield. No airports, no Prospect Park, no Coney Island, etc.


So when can I get a 10-D Super String theory Cityscape?


Sure as a puzzle and replaceable buildings it is very cool... but non puzzle related for the rest of us, NYC itself is just a rotting cesspool waiting to implode on itself, taking with it most of the people.