dealsvibram fivefingers – save 50% off retail


Curious, A sale for amputees that like funny shoes. (see yellow pointer above)


Every time I see these posted I am reminded of how my horribly disfigured (webbed) feet will never fit in these awesome shoes. :(


Toe shoes saved my back, legs, ankles and heals. I'm 65, been running since 30 with increasing pain in those areas. Padding my heals and soles excessively only slowed the increasing pain. THEN I got my first pair of VFF. Immediately went from my usual 3-5 mile daily run to 1 mile on a rubber track with occasional jaunts to the artificial turf field to adjust. Gradually my calf muscles got strong enough to keep me on my TOES all the time. Pain left my entire body. I will never wear another shoe. I've 26 pairs varying in: sole thickness for terrain, waterproof boots for winter and colors to match outfits and casual mocs around the house. I've never been more healthy and stable on my feet. Hopefully it won't be for another 35 yrs yet, but I will be buried in these shoes :)


I've always had good experiences with LeftLane, for what it's worth to anybody looking to purchase. These prices are about the average on sale price for these VFFs. I enjoy my VFFs, and while I don't have 30 pairs like the poster above, I just grabbed a set of replacement KSOs (killed my existing KSOs - worn through the ball of the foot - this latest round of Insanity was their death knell).


I absolutely love these shoes, I have 4 pairs. There is one HUGE issue with the listing though... they have standard shoe sizes. Vibrams have a different measuring system since they fit like a glove to your foot. That needs to get changed.


Really not interested in becoming a "member" to buy something - no matter how cool the "shoes" are


Not a very good selection for Men


@levans999: Where have you found boots with toes for winter use? My only real disappointment with VFFs is the lack of both waterproofing and insulated uppers. I don't like having to wear "regular" boots; I've yet to discover a viable option with individual toe boxes.