dealsdixon markers for $5.99 + free shipping


Markers are not showing on the site.


@arinthros: This was their deal of the day when I posted it yesterday. DW is doing something screwy now with the Popular Tab and a lot of things aren't showing up here until after they are no longer active. Actually, this site usually honors sales until they run out of stock, but since this was a special two-for-one sale day, I guess it's expired. I will RIP it.


@aimhighwoot: Thanks. That is helpful, but please note that the 2-for-1 sale is no longer in effect, so you will only get 12 markers, not 24, if I'm reading this correctly.


@belyndag: True but, still good price with free shipping. I haven't tried that brand before and wanted to see if they are any good. 12 will last me a long time- I'll lose them before I use them.