dealstwo nintendo 3ds game consoles - flame red/black…


Appears we posted the same deal at the same time.


Pretty good deal on this - almost as good as the one I got a couple of weeks ago! ;)


Wow, retailers are making all sorts of deals to get rid of this paperweight. I guess its better to practically give these things away now than to try to sell them when the PS Vita comes out lol!


@grimpett: PS Vita will be in the same boat. The problem is that they are pushing innovation that people are just not ready for. For the Nintendo 3DS, most people just play the games with the DS turned off anyways so they might as well get the XL so they can have a bigger screen.


Showing up as 'find in store' for me


Added the black and total price for me is $224.98


does math
realizes that this is a terrible deal
looks at your math
realizes that I am bad at math

Nice find! And considering I paid 250 for just one of these, that's just awesome!


@tank41683: Thanks, I tried again and suddenly it applied to the black as well. To 3D territories!


@wisenekt: only problem with that being that quality wise, the XL is probably by far the worst DS unit ever made.

also, if you read the details on the site, this is obviously a mistake, the discount is supposed to work for apparel, they just messed up.


It says "out of stock online". :(


@wisenekt: you cant put a 3ds cartridge into an xl tho



You forgot to mention PS Vita's proprietary memory cards, which are required for a lot of games.

BTW 8 gigs of PS Vita memory will run you at $50. It's Memory Pro Duo all over again.


@azngamer101: ??? How can that be possible when the system is not forwards compatible?


@wisenekt: For a while I used to think that the Vita would be a failure, but given the PSN infrastructure, and the "Playstation" household name Sony is looking to dethrone Nintendo as the handheld leader. It doesn't help that Nintendo shot themselves in the foot by introducing the overpriced 3DS into a market that still views 3D technology as a novelty. I played it at Best Buy and couldn't believe this thing costs $249. Which is why it was a hot seller for about a week!!