dealsrosewill 4.7gb 16x dvd-r 50 packs spindle disc…


reviews seem a bit mixed- they either work well, or they don't work at all. Still tempted to snag some at this price. Also, there's no spindle.


FWIW these discs are from the same lower grade mfg that makes discs for Memorex, TDK, Maxell, Verbatim Life series, Magnavox and just about all house brand DVDs, CMC Mag.
I'd probably use them for not critical PC copying, probably not for archiving long term.
I agree for the price they are a good deal.
For archiving I like to use Verbatim AZO or DataLife series or else Tys, of course they are more around the $30/100 price point(almost double this deal).