dealslego star wars advent calendar for $19.98


This appears to be the 2011 Advent Calendar. But it is not dated, so it could easily be used in 2012 or any year. It does have some neat little ships and a good number of minifigs. The Yoda minifig is especially cool (and cute, if you're a person who is okay with calling Lego Yoda cute.)


@gt0163c: I noticed the date too, but I think for a collector this is a good deal. And as you said, it doesn't really matter if its used for 2012 either. Buy it now and save it for later!


I bought this for my son last year and he loved it (almost as much as I did). Every morning of Advent, he'd opened and built that day's model before I was even up. Most of the models are currently scattered across my workspace. It looks like Lego really overestimated demand for these -- I just got back from Legoland Florida and they had stacks of them there too.

I definitely recommend this for anybody with a kid who likes Lego, or even for yourself if you like mini-building.


They appear to be out - in-store pickup only.


I bought one last week. If the price drops again, I might buy another. My local TRU has about 30 left on the shelves.


I'm going to bet this will be limited for in-store pick-up. Here are the requirements though:

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