dealsfive steel blade machetes - get ready zombies for…


family pack of zombie killers!


And in the mean time I can get all the practice I need working on my backyard!


MUCH better than the plastic blade ones.


$18.48 shipping chops the deal for me, they need to slash that price.


Yeah shipping to me is $15... debating it still though, one good one or 5 bad ones (to keep one in every room!) They are 5.5lbs though


Unfortunately, cheaper than dirt isn't the best with shipping. I realize that can be a deal breaker around here.


Never had a problem wit them and have bought guns and ammo. I just bought this deal as well + a shoulder pack.


@xxooss: I agree, great service. Great company. They have shipping specials from time to time. With the savings, and generally I don't have any issues with it.


@giftedpurpose: some of the reviews seem to make it seem like they are not sharpened or at least not well.


I've bought a few machetes and use them every summer for light yard work, trimming, brush clearing, and general choppyness. What i've found is that you can make any machete a decent one, you just have to swap out the bolts holding it together with something stronger and tighter, then file the blade nice and sharp. (if you dont know how to put a proper edge on blade, google it, its easy). bonus points if you wrap the handle.

Overall, I'd say go down to your local harbor freight and get one of their five dollar machetes, (heck i think walmart sells them) and tune it up a tad.


your getting 5 machetes for under $20....why are you complaining about the shipping price?!