dealsplastic cd wallet sleeves - 100 pack for $2.99…


Does anyone even use cds anymore?


CDs, DVDs, BRs are all the same size. ;-)


@lstnyer: Ha, I thought the same thing when I saw these. I started storing my CD's in these back before the millennium, and though I can't tell you the last time I bought music on a CD (or for that matter, where any of my CD's are...), I still think these sleeves are the easiest way to store discs.


Coupon code doesn't work


Ms. F. Sarcasm - Who listens to CD's anymore?!? How old school is that?!!

Ms. Swee Professional - Great way to protect CD's I send to clients with massive amounts of data, images and drawings.

Ms. Fickle Sarcasm- yeah people, CD's are not just for music! Gimme a break. Jeez!

(and I bet you thought the F stood for something else, shame on you)


This hasn't expired, I just tried it. The black cd sleeves are available too at the same price.


Yes, some of us use CDs, DVDs and BRDs. I hope you still enjoy your 128/256kbps (or VBR-encoded!) Amazon/iTunes/whatevah after you upgrade your boom box to one of those newer, what is it they are called? Hi-Fidelity systems...