dealstandy brands first aid/survival kit for $4.99


I dunno.. I think you're paying quite a bit for the container. These seem like pretty base kits.

Here's a picture of the "20 piece kit":
it's from the amazon page

$10 for tape, gauze, antiseptic pads, bandages and tiny scissors seems a wee bit high.

On the other hand I could be 100% wrong :) - I haven't priced small medkits like this before.


For $10, you can get a half-way decent kit from Walmart or any other store.


Seems a bit of an odd product for RadioShack.


I think the 'containers' are what's appealing on these kits. The magnetic one will attach to the fridge or a metal tackle box. The bottle one is good for camping & also might be used as a flask. ...for 'snake bites?' ;-)