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Shame that isn't for the PC, been waiting to play this game...

Still will up vote it, great find!


I'll need to check this out. I just recently got into the series a few weeks back when someone posted the first game for free. Thanks for the post!


I'm a fan of the entire Fallout series.


The reviews on Amazon are horrible. Why is it ranked so high here?


@ohaisup: Supposedly the game is buggy. I played the PC version and did not experience any issues other than a few minor graphics glitches.


@ohaisup: Bethesda seems to have problems when they port their games over to the PS3, something related to the memory and occurred with Fallout New Vegas and Skyrim.

For every change you make to the world, the game remembers and keeps track of. The PS3 tracks them all, across even save files... and causes the game to over time lag and build up. Basically to a point to where it is rendered unplayable.

Or that at least that was my understanding of the problem.


Showing as $18.98 for me. Think it's dead.

Either way, this isn't a very good deal. The four DLC packs are all worthwhile, and cost an extra $40 outside of the base game. You're much better off waiting for the Ultimate version (that includes all of the extra content) to go on sale.