dealscreate a wawa account and get $10


houston, we have a problem. *You must create an account before 2/1/13 to be eligible for this promotion.


Does anyone outside of Orlando, FL have a WaWa near them? Seems like a pretty limited demographic.


@ciabelle: Ya, the Northeast where it was founded.


Wawa, you're giving me a Wawa. -G. Harrison


@whatevahxj: It says in the terms and conditions "The promotion registration period is 12/10/12 to 2/1/13 (i.e. any card registered after 2/1/13 is not eligible for this specific promotion)", so it looks like today is included despite the other language. It's been going on for almost two months though and this is the first we've heard of it?


@ciabelle: There is a new one in Pinellas Park FL, and I see a lot of them in VA.


@ciabelle: As @hoops645 said Wawa started up north. It actually started in Wawa, Pennsylvania in 1890. Just a couple of years before moving down South to you guys.


I don't know if I could ever see myself interested in eating at a place called Wawa....


@taraxgoesxboom: It's not really an eatery so to speak. Essentially Wawa is a MUCH nicer 7-11 with MUCH better quality and service.


Yeah, my only experience with Wawa is when one of their high class employees got hold of my wife's debit card number and ran 3 purchases of $180 each. Fortunately, my bank gave me back the money. It was at a location in Washington D.C., though I'm in KY. I'm still not sure how the moron got her number.