dealstactical swat rechargeable cree flashlight kit…


If you dont want the cone thing for the end you can get one on ebays for $16 shipped


Just an observation. I've never seen a SWAT guy with one of these and I've never seen SWAT directing traffic, so why would they need the cone thingy?


@rbarger: but but...tactical swat makes it sell better, and it obviously makes it at least 20% cooler. I have yet to come across a situation that required a "tactical" flashlight. What exactly makes it "tactical"?


@zooshooter: thanks, was just getting ready to say the same thing. How about super special awesomeness flashlight?

edit: I guess I should say that some people refer to a flashlight that has an adjustable tailcap (on/off push button switch) as tactical, especially if it has a lanyard. In dim light shooting the tailcap switch is your friend.


"Tactical" is sometimes used to mean the ability to literally fight with it, via the pointy bits (castellations) on the front... true fact.


"A sturdy compact flashlight has a front castellated crown portion having a series of recessed sharp cutting edges spaced between a series of axial projections which protect the flashlight lens. The cutting edges can be used to stun an assailant in an emergency situation. A rear castellated crown portion has a series of sharp pointed striking corners designed to break through automotive glass in an emergency. The flashlight is designed for ergonomic one-handed operation with a slip-resistant hand grip."


@zooshooter: I would say the most important feature of a tactical flashlight is the ability to operate while holding a pistol, and if dropped it turns off so that it doesn't silhouette the user. This is done with a momentary switch function. Also an anti rolling scheme and multiple lighting modes (including a strobe) in the design seems to be prevalent. The Streamlight lights have these function as do several others. I personally have the Stinger LED and it is the best flashlight IMO. It is about $119 with charger new, and maintains a high resale when used of around $85 to 95. The serrated edges are not required to be considered a tactical flash light.


I have tried a lot of $10 to $30 flash lights. While many are great for around the house as a duty flashlight you just can't have momentary problems due to poor design.

I haven't found anything other than the Streamlight lights that just work no matter what. The other lights I have purchased have problems turning on reliably. I keep a couple of similar lights to this one with me as back up lights, but in a "tactical" situation you cannot be slapping a light to try to get it to turn on.


Lots of functions but I still prefer to charge my batteries outside the flashlight so if something goes wrong I still have a flashlight. The price is low so I would not expect very high quality and due to the many features I would not be surprised if the accessories break quickly as well. Cheap.