dealswii console bundle w/ wii sports resort/wii…


Time to clear out stocks before the redesigned Wii comes out next month!


@novastarj: Redesigned? Isn't that Nintendo's idea for everything? Games, consoles, handhelds?

134.99 plus u get a better game(mariokart with controller)
not the same thing but i believe it a better deal.


@dash488: Well, it kind of makes sense, as the price of components comes down and technology advances, it can allow manufacturers to save lots of money (though I don't think Nintendo has actually redesigned a console since the SNES).

Plus it sometimes (like for PS3 and X-Box redesigns) kickstarts sales... I don't think that'll really be the case here though.


@ibom: I saw the Wal-Mart deal but figured that:
$149.99 - $25 gift card = $124.99
which is $10 less than the $134.99 WalMart deal. I was assuming Wii Sport + Wii Resort = Wii Mario Carts.

You also get the advanced controller.

Then adding in the free earbud it makes the Meijers deal even better.

Of course if you don't have a Meijers nearby, the shipping cost may be more than $10 and not worth the extra cost for the advance controller, the earbud and the gift card.

Either way either the WalMart and the Meijers deals are the lowest ones I could find for a Wii replacement console.


@patentdude: yea a gift card u have to spend at their store so u still end up spending the money at that store... so u still end up spending 150 plus whatever so if you wana spend less then 150 u go to walmart.

also in the mario cart one u get the wiimote plus(it has the wii motion plus built in )
apposed to the the one where u get the attachment. so that walmart one has the advanced remote
and Ive never even heard of that store up until this post


and one last thing u want a good deal just go on ebay.. got my red wii with 3current titles plus controler for 180 shipped if i had bought from walmart it would have been 325


@ibom: I've ordered from, it was a good experience. My understanding is that they're a major retailer with stores, just not everywhere. So yeah this deal is kinda crappy if you don't have one near you, which I don't.


This is just the beginning. In the coming months companies will be practically giving this thing away. The 3DS too. For Nintendo its all about the Wii U right now. Too bad they don't see that it's doomed to fail.