dealsocz octane 256gb 2.5" solid state drive w/ sata…


Can you find the rebate form? I did a search on OCZ for the offer code OCZ-11532, but got no results. Then I searched by retailer, and the only one they had for 1saleaday was for a previous deal.


@rprebel: Link from the deal website:

From the PDF:

1. Register at
Upon completion, the mailing address for submission materials will be provided.
2. Up to three rebates per qualifying product per household per promotion will be accepted. Multiple purchases on a single product qualify for up to three rebates per promotion.
3. The rebate request must be postmarked within thirty (30) days (including weekends) from date of purchase to qualify.
4. A copy of the sales invoice/receipt with the order-purchase date of August 13, 2012 must be included with rebate request.
5. Cut out the original UPC code from the packaging and mail with form and receipt.
Qualifying UPC codes:
6. Keep a copy of all submission materials for your records.
Offer Code: OCZ-11532


OCZ drives are cheap, they tend to be the least reliable though. Other than that any SSD is such an improvement over a standard HDD that it is completely worth buying. Just make sure you only put your operating system and primary applications (games/etc) on it, as the space is limited.


@the18thtee84: I must have assumed you'd have to print out a rebate form. lol assumptions. Since you don't have to, I guess it doesn't matter if the rebate is listed on that site or not. Thanks


@andrasko15: this thing has a three year warranty, which is pretty good for an ssd, most i see are one or 2 years