dealssingle electric burner 1000 watts for $10.00


Thinking about picking one of these up. Looks pretty similar to one I already have and if so, they are one of the few that works really well for making an Alton Brown type homemade smoking rig.
Problem is many of the burners you can buy now don't get hot enough to really smoke the woodchips in a cast iron pan but if this looks like it should.


I'm in for one ... will be a nice addition to my homebrewery :)


There are several Prime Eligible 1000W hotplates available on Amazon for $15.


@bingo969: Funny you should mention that... I thought the same thing. I actually wasn't able to find something like this locally... it seems these aren't sold much any more. Most are the flat top ceramic style with huge bases.


Nice! now i can cook crack on my lap!