dealsmicrosoft - 2000 microsoft points for xbox w…


I went thru the link and it doesn't state anything about the 400 bonus points.


There is a "Special Offers" subtitle and a link below it that says "400 Free Xbox Live Points: Find out How"

Anyways, you get 2000 points for $24.99 + tax and then you get e-mailed 400 bonus points. It's like saving 5 dollars I suppose minus the tax (you can buy other places no tax). Still not a bad deal.


@chimanka09: This will get you to the 400 extra points:

For some reason clicking this link ^ gives a woot error. If you paste it into your browser it'll get you there.


Just to clarify, 2000 points for 24.99 is standard price. The 400 extra points are what makes this a deal.


I didn't get the 400 points e-mailed to me yet. Ordered on February 24. Looking like not much of a deal now.


So I contacted customer service on Best Buy and they told me they wouldn't be giving me the 400 ms points because I didn't click on the right link. Here is Best Buy:

Me:You're saying if I had clicked on the other one, I'd of gotten it. But the web site doesn't make them look different. They both promise 400 points.
Best Buy: It is the same item, but to get the free point offer you have to purchase the one with the offer. You only purchased the item in the offer.
Me: I see what you're saying. But your site promises 400 points on both items.
The item you purchased shows the offer and says "find out how" it is not giving you the offer automatically when purchasing that item.
I don't see how it saying find out how means you don't get the promised 400 points.