dealsburger king: buy 1 whopper, chicken sandwich, or…


Careful with these. I printed coupons out from and had two different BK's deny them because they weren't from a newspaper or a mailing. I went so far as to write the company that if it is "company policy" to only accept coupons from a newspaper or a mailing (as told to me by two different managers) then they should just remove user-printable coupons.

edit -- I see BK's coupon page is no longer available, either. Maybe my letter to them worked?


I did this for entertainment purposes only, but I was able to order ten of each voucher and they actually showed up in my vouchers. No charge.


Warning, Warning, Danger Will Robinson! This coupon explicitly says that participation may vary, and isn't accepted at all Burger King stores.


@wilfbrim: At least it's free to give it a try. No risk with this deal. My experience in the past has been that the teenager cashier never thought twice about honoring the coupon..... As a matter of fact, I don't recall ever being turned away for a printed coupon at BK. Now if this was for 7-11, that's another story completely.


Looks like it's for the Atlanta area. Might not work in other areas, YMMV,


FYI, it signed me up for Amazon local deals Atlanta. It was easy to unsubscribe, and they don;t have a local deals option for my city or I'd have just switched. But in case you don't like that sort of thing you should be aware.

The voucher itself says nothing about Atlanta, though.


@fldeals: Apologies for some reason I thought I purchased from my local market. Anyways, it's not just limited to Atlanta. I also see this deal listed under Cincinnati. Not sure if this is valid nationwide?


For me, Burger King Double Deal means double trips to the bathroom.


i have belonged to the so Atlanta croupon for about 6 mos.and have received 3 good deals .it also has country wide deals.


Just picked up a bunch, and Amazon Local said this on the first one:
"Don't head out the door just yet...
A quick reminder that you can print this voucher now, but it cannot be used until tomorrow."


@hierophanta: Yeah, I don't see it for Chicago either. However, I did get chicken sandwiches for dinner last night at BK buy one-get one free as part of a regular promotion.


Hmmm in my town MC D is right across the road and the line is always long there, even though they process customers faster. One night we were driving around and I wanted an icecream so I called BK and asked if they still had the cheap cones, they said it was expired but for you we will make an exception.

My point is it will probably work in my town.

And if you are keeping track I actually visited my first Mc D in 21 years the other day...I did not see the BK 1 block away and wanted 'breakfast', oh well.


It usually comes down to "participating locations". Some franchises don't honor the corporate coupons no matter what it is printed on.


I figured it said Atlanta because it's first in alphabetical order in the cities Amazon Local offer deals in. Anyways, I got more than 10 of each coupon. Why? Because I could!


I know it's free food - but it's Burger King.

Two main problems arise from this offer:
1. It's Burger King
2. Are there any still open?