deals$25 gift certificates (84% off) for $4.00 + freeā€¦



Where you spend $10 on a $25 gift certificate towards a minimum food purchase requirement of $50 and a mandatory 18% tip.

I became disillusioned with them long ago.


So many people complain about these, but they are still a good deal! If you don't plan to spend the minimum, get a smaller voucher. Usually you need to purchase about 50-100% more than the coupon amount. Yes, most often they do include a tip, but who doesn't exercise common courtesy and tip their servers these days anyway? If the service is SO bad that a tip is not warranted, a word with the manager should be had.

We've used these with much success. WORST case, you buy a $10 coupon for $1.60, get a $15 meal for what amounts to $6.60, pay the included tip of $2.70 (yeah, even if you didn't think they earned it), and you're out a total of $9.30. Even if you wouldn't have left a tip, it's STILL a savings of $5.70! A savings is a savings to me!

Better case... get a $50 coupon for $8. Get a $100 meal at a nice restaurant for a family of 4 and with the included tip of $18, you're out a total of $76. If you intended on leaving the tip, you just saved $42! What's wrong with that?


Actually you spend $4 for this deal for a minumum of $35 spend plus the 18% tip. This makes it work well. For the places I buy certificates for I will spend more than $35 anyways, and I almost always tip 20% unless the service is bad. So for me I will save $20 from what I normally would......How is that a bad thing?


Look around for consumerist stories about They have a sketchy past to say the least. Some people buy vouchers that are not honored at all because the restaurant has no affiliation with the site, others get signed up for recurring fees to their credit card.


Funny how people down vote common sense


for the record, no longer has the mandatory tips. although they only added 18% and i usually tip 20-25% anyway, those who are griping about an 18% tip shouldn't be going out to restaurants in the first place.


@rrussell: they don't have the mandatory tip anymore. and if you'd ask me, $35 for a $60 meal is better than paying $60 for a $60 meal. but eh, common sense eludes some people sometimes.


@azagthoth: The only problem I have had with Is one of the places we went to had closed down. But I had bought the certificate over 6 months before I tried to use it. Other than that, I have used at least 30 certificates from and have never ever had a problem with a place accepting it.


Anybody hating on hasn't used it in the last 2-3 years. If a restaurant is no longer affiliated with or goes out of business they'll give you a credit that you can exchange for a voucher of the same amount. And tipping shouldn't be an issue - only a-holes don't leave tips (even with poor service).


I live in the mountains, and the nearest participating restaurant is about 25 miles away. But it is a BBQ place that has good reviews, and I drive "into town" once a week anyway. $15 gift cert, $2.40. Minimum purchase, $22.50. Sampler for two, $19.95 (I'm only one, but leftover BBQ? You bet!) I'm in.

vote-for0vote-against website is so broken. Filtering by city or cuisine simply does not work - i tried in Chrome and IE. wtf?


Clearly, we are all ready for real baseball to start.


Is this legit? I see a deal for a local BBQ and ribs restaurant that my boyfriend and I visit every so often, usually for special occasions. I was leaning towards the $15 for $6, but just want to be sure it's not a scam?


@jackielynn: Not a scam. I've used them tons of times. Discovered them years ago when I was working at Radio Shack and they gave away the vouchers to employees as part of a push to sell some cell phone brand or other. Anyone complaining suffers from some form of brain damage, and is ridiculously entitled. Boo-Freakin-Hoo you have to give the restaurant some money still when they give you food. You are giving them less money than you otherwise would. They honor any issues that come up too, in my experience.