dealspapa johns-any large pizza for $9.99


50% off deal for the local sports team winning is better I think


Schnatter lost me when he tried to play politics...I don't want
preaching, just a pizza. And, honestly, what's wrong w/ PJ's crust?
(it TASTES like PJs...the kind you wear to bed)


@lance19: do you have video of this? commercial?


I doubt he said it in a TV commercial...but he has been vocal, often,
re. what he calls "Obamacare," including:

"We're not supportive of Obamacare, like most businesses in our industry," Schnatter said on a conference call with shareholders last week, as reported by Politico. "If Obamacare is in fact not repealed, we will find tactics to shallow out any Obamacare costs and core strategies to pass that cost onto consumers in order to protect our shareholders' best interests."

Now, I'm not saying I agree or disagree with the political position he took against the president, I just don't care
for politics from my pizza makers...especially ones that I already find marginal (of all the national chains, I personally find PJ's the least enjoyable pizza), so add the politics, and skipping PJ's is an easy choice for ME.


So a CEO was on a call with shareholders and he spoke about how to strengthen the company against oncoming legislation that will cost the shareholders money? How positively evil! I'm with lance19, any company that is trying to stay in business doesn't deserve my business!


guys a b-bag.
pizza is gross.
support your local mom and pop.


No thanks. I'll go to my local Pizza shop. Where you actually find real ingredients, real pizza.


I've said it before, and I'll say it again:

A large papa john's pizza for $9.99 is pretty much standard fare.

Here are all the codes for UT-Austin Papa John's right now:

999ewm All Large Pizzas* $9.99
aarp25 25% off your order
all11 Any Large Pizza $11.00
all12 Any Large Pizza $12.00
draft50 50% Off Any Large Pizza
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Boycott his sorry excuse for Pizza:

4 cents, really???


can we just eat anything without someone bringing something political up?

If he was a 9-11 truth-er we would here about that

or if he owns guns we might here about that

we just was fracking pizza


Save your money. Eat cardboard. Tastes the same.


I'm in for 3 for the family tonight while the rest of you doom and gloom Obama lovers eat your bean curd pizza and drink your wheatgrass.


This deal applies EVERY week. Mon-Wed
Don't need it posted every few days. These always turn into a F Papa thread anyway.
You don't like it, downvote and/or move along.
It's pizza, not politics.


@rmsalt: don't forget the teaBags with your artery-clogging slop. As a bonus we'll pay for your healthcare, but you'll still complain.


@jimmyb83: I have good private health insurance and come have good family genes so no need for big brother to pay for my expenses on the backs of the capitalist tax payers... from the sounds of it, I'm probably paying for your food, housing and healthcare.


"I just want pizza. I don't care about the politics." It's apathetic to care not for the plight of others. Schnatter will fire employees and cut the hours of others, yet give away 2 million free pizzas annually. Chic-fil-a was sending your money to anti-gay organizations. Corporations have a stake in your community and you're uncaring until they support something that affects you. Ignoring this just contributes to a greater problem.


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@lance19: Now you know how I feel when I see a movie full of big mouth liberals.


I think there should be a background check on anyone who orders pizza.


Oh I see the Redneck Trailer Trash has awoke from their beer induced drunken stuper in their beer and vomit stained wife-beaters to say how much they hate everyone being offered quality healthcare!!! Robmey LOST, get over it already!!!


@beladog: Right on & indeed!!! I say "No, big Papa" NO! :p


Wow! I never thought I'd need to add to my simple, straightforward comment,
but since not one, but TWO people have decided to misrepresent what I said,
let me correct the bogus arguments:

jcbarron, you imply that Schnatter only said this once, which would contradict
my statement that he had pounded this drum "often." A simple check of the facts
confirms that MY statement is correct. Had he only said it once, I probably wouldn't
have thought it significant.

And tools81, surely the school you went to taught you NOT to put quotes around
words YOU compose, to straw man someone else's views. I certainly never said:
"I just want pizza. I don't care about the politics" because that is NOT my position,
nor is it what I said. I care very much about politics...I just don't look to my pizza
maker for political guidance. Please do not try to portray me as callous or apathetic...
it's lazy, ignorant. & inaccurate.

Two mischaracterizations of a simple comment...that'll discourage contributions.


It's just not the same discusson without a comment from Carlos!


@fit410s: "we just was fracking pizza" there will be none of that good sir or madam!


@bigray57: you mean stupor? I am fine with healthcare for everyone, just not when the burden is misplaced. I think the should have slowly stepped down the medicare age a couple of years at a time until everyone was covered. Can't wait to file business tax returns next year, this will be catastrophic for small business.


Papa John's pizza is obscene....yet delicious. I'm in California, there is no mom & pop place down the street, only pizza places owned by Indians and Middle-Easterners making even worse pizza than PJ's, sometimes even under the guise of Pizza Hut. And many own Papa John's itself and Dominos, skimping on anything they can to make an extra buck.


And I live in a SoCal suburb in which I have probably 5 mom-and-pop options,
plus 3 or 4 national chains, besides PJ's. I've never understood how a pizza
like PJ's can LOOK perfectly fine...yet never taste quite as delicious as pizza
always should. Fortunately, my local Pizza Hut hasn't lectured me repeatedly
re. Roe vs. Wade. :p