dealstools for her: 14 function hammer & pliers…


Is this site really called Jiz-bee? Seriously?


I'm a little annoyed that this item seems to imply women need their own "special" set of tools that should be different from a man's (i.e. pink in color). Then again, I can see how it could be a deterrent that keeps men from wanting to be seen holding a pair of pink pliers.

Yeah, I canceled my own argument there. But, bottom line is this: I'm not buying pink tools!


Is there a sandwich making tool?


Oh it's more than just a butter knife and a shoe.

I love women who can use tools.


So a woman can't use a tool unless it's pink?

Also, is this that lightweight hammer that couldn't drive a tack?

For about $25, I outfitted my lady with a serious tool kit that'll do the job.

This stuff is gimmickry.