dealsu.s. issued g.i. duffel bag (used) for $17.95


That is a horrible deal. I know the Govt Pays 21$ for each of those bags. It says MSRP is 69.95


@jimbotheperson: that doesn't make it a bad deal, it just means that shipping for this one puts it over the top. But hopefully the armed forces is able to recoup some of the outlay back to them for use in protecting our men and women in the armed services.

On an unrelated note: picture 6 on the site is chilling! The photo setup has an adult drill sergent with an adult GI but then there are several kids dressed in fatigues. Did the X Files have it right, will our nation's next wave of super soldier be your neighbors' snotty-nosed 12-year-old?

Additionaly, is this item on 7 deadly deals because it's carrying some kind of SARS type disease? I hope not.


@pricecheckaisle5: The last picture is a screen shot from the movie "Major Payne" with Damon Wayans.