dealstomato plus planter, set of 5 for $4.99


I wanted to add that I have ordered from them before. They have excellent customer service.
Happy Shopping.


Plow & Hearth always has high quality products in my experience.
Home grown tomatoes? You can't beat them!


Something worth reminding, you dont have to weed with these! I planted a HUGE garden (850sqft) last year, went away on a business trip for a couple weeks, came home and had the entire thing overgrown with weeds. Im buying a few of these so I just dont have to deal with that again this year.


Big lots has them for a $1.99 . I have about 7 of these going right ow, and the tomatoes are awesome. Have a huge garden but always like to throw a few of these around the exterior of garden.


Caveat emptor---realize that these will weigh about 40lbs apiece and need about 1 gallon of water per day. I tried them two years in a row and got about 4 small tomatoes out of 4 plants---my garden plants give me about 20 lbs/plant. Actually, you'd be better off with planting a patio tomato in a large pot. Good Luck, in any case, homegrown tomatoes are the best!


@say592: If you leave these for a couple of weeks, you won't have any plants! These need DAILY watering, just about a gallon/plant, skip a day and they wilt, three days, they die.


It's true. When these first came out I was so excited to buy one or two. Ordered them then from the Tv. The first year was a disaster. I just didn't realize how much water they NEED. That being said, I have now done them 3 years in a row and have gotten loads of tomatoes. When they start to bud ( there will be a yellowish flowe) pinch a few of those buds off if they have to many on one root. So if you have 4 buds growing on one root, I usually pinch off two buds. It lets the tomatoes grow bigger and puts less strain on roots. With a lot of TLC you can have wonderful tomatoes ( do cherry tomatoes and strawberries too). The best part is no weeding and just being ale to pick from vine. These ol knees can only take so much. Growing your own food is like printing your own money --Ron Finleys quote. Happy Gardening, and do check your local big lots. At a buck ninety nine, you can't loose.


The 99 Cents Only Stores have had these for a long time, now. I planted a couple last year and got about 30 tomatoes off a single plant. Got a couple going right now and they are doing well, already getting a lot maters on them. My BigLots has the one that comes with a stand and holds like three or four plants for $6.


@cole103: Drip irrigation on a timer is a wonderful thing! However that is good to know, and really an absurd amount of water. For the price, Im still going to give them a shot, but I guess I will double up and container garden as well this year.


@cole103: If you're only gone for a few days, try one of those 2-liter soda bottles. Clean them out well, drill a small hole in cap, use hot glue gun to glue a small diameter straw (coffee stirrer?), fill with water and somehow (rope?) attach to the top of the planter. You might have to add a tiny hole in the bottom of the bottle for a bit of air, but this should be good enough to water for a weekend or so. Worked great for me last year..