dealsroku 2 xd for $39.99 + free shipping


From the listing...

FREE SHIPPING, as always ;-)
Shipping Estimate: 1-2 Weeks" <-----------------

Just so you know that patience is IMPORTANT.


@morriea: Thanks for the heads-up. I don't usually have any problem with slow delivery, as long as I know before I order that it will be slow.

But really, most of what I order even from B&M stores with websites takes 7-10 days to arrive.


Holy crap! This site has awful reviews!


I bought a Roku 3 to give it a go with online streaming. I was pretty disappointed. Damn near all smart TV's come with a built in Roku today and there are better streaming devices out there for the price.


@decyde: What's better than a Roku for $40? And smart TV's come with alot of apps sure - but a $300 TV doesn't. Or an older TV.....which people aren't going to upgrade if they can buy a $40 Roku. Just sayin'.

On another note.....Roku just upgraded it's whole product line. There will be lots of selloffs of the old models as a result. So if you're worried about this particular site, I'm sure something else will come along soon.


I bought a bad router from 1sale previously. When i complained that it was junk they refunded me my money without having to return it. So they won points in my book. I have purchased from them a few times and they have been good to me. Roku just redid their entire line the other day though, so i am assuming this is the old model versions.


@beenyweeny: It has awful reviews because people don't realize when they purchase the ship times from this site. Sometimes items can take up to 3 weeks to ship, I've known a few people as well as myself who've used this site positively, you just have to realize going into it not to expect it in the same week.


@mgherter: Hopefully devs start working on chromecast apps then I would fully heartedly say that was better then roku, for now though roku is a solid pick for anyone that already has a large tv and doesn't feel like spending 800$+ to replace it with a "smart tv"


Just hooked up my Sansa Clip mp3 to the Roku and listening to my playlist on the 55" flat screen I got a killer deal from Newegg. Love the Roku! WOOT


@decyde: My TV has some of the same streaming apps, but I like the Roku UI and remote a lot better.


The price is a pretty good deal, but I have to say that 1sale/1saleaday is absolutely awful with regard to customer service & shipping times. Yes, I already know that they post 1-2week/2-3week shipping times (these are BUSINESS WEEKS & these are times before the item is even in the mail) but they, often, provide unreliable tracking information. This can & will become quite frustrating to someone who expects that something is on its way when it actually isn't. On my last 3 shipments, the tracking numbers I received from them TOOK AT LEAST 7-10 DAYS TO SHOW MOVEMENT & I am now waiting on my final order from this company to start moving & arrive & will cease any further business with them. It is a shame to have a vendor with decent bargains but you have to roll dice each time you order. To add insult to injury, there is almost non-existent phone support & their email support consists of canned replies that take 48+ hours.

I just wanted to put out a word of caution to consider. YMMV


@decyde: I don't believe any of the Smart TVs come with (or support) the Plex media client which is, hands down, the single best reason to own a Roku (and well worth more than the $40 you'd pay for this deal). I bought a Roku HD for $40 a year ago from Amazon and certainly we do use the Amazon, Netflix, and Vudu apps plenty, but none of them combined as much as we use Plex for streaming content stored on the Mac Mini upstairs (there are also Plex servers for Linux, and even for Windows too).


Bear in mind that the XD model has no ethernet jack. Wifi-only devices are worse than cancer of the baby.


@gbeenie: They are? I have an AppleTV (1st-gen), a WD Live, and a Roku (and an XBOX 360, but I avoid using that as a media device as it's the saddest excuse ever for a media client). While all of them have ethernet jacks, I've never wired them in; always have run them over 802.11n, and rarely have had an issue. I suppose if I were pushing some seriously high bit-rate 1080p content, I might have troubles.

In any case, I doubt most folks have a home pre-wired for Cat 5.