deals320gb tivo premier refurb for $49.99


You have to pay for a monthly subscription to this. What's the point of it when there's Roku, Google TV, Apple TV, Xbox 360, PS3, and Boxee?


none of those are a dvr and google tv blows


wait a few months for the Ceton Q.

That will drive the final nails into Tivo's coffin.


On the Centoncorp website they tweeted the Q is on permanent hold... so I cannot see what it is but my other thought is WTH is permanent hold... isn't that the same thing as cancelled. Looks like TIVO isn't being buried by this co. Anyone know of anything else that does what TIVO does without a monthly service fee?


Permanent hold means they don't have the skills to cmplete their task.

The main problem was that Ceton failed to have a heart to heart discussion with Microsoft BEFORE spending tons of money to develop a "money pit"


Microsoft really never got behind WMC. They thought it was a cool idea but quickly found out that there wasn't a ton of money to make on it. A few years ago they decided to pretty much abandon the project. (The new windows 8 does not come with it)

So Microsoft put Ceton into a tight corner with no really "good" options. They could buy the rights to WMC from Microsoft and continue its developement or they can "write" their own code.

Unfortunatly both options are costly and would require major investments in time. So where does that leave Ceton? Well pretty much down the river with no paddle and a raft thats leaking air.

Personally I feel for the suckers who are dumb enough to invest in any tv tuner cards for their PC or even one of Cetons new Echo extenders.


Sure they are cool but they will be worthless without the code to keep them going in 24 months or so whenever Microsoft gets totally bored with the project.

Personally I think Microsoft missed the boat entirely. If they had only made WMC part of their Windows Home Server when it came out and pushed the 1 stop media shop with WHS they would probably have both made them considerably more money.

but unfortunatly both WMC and WHS are officially dead in Microsofts eyes and will probably fade from most people's memory in no longer than 36 months.