dealshow about a nice big pack of shut the hell up…


Seems there are a couple things missing on this post.

The first big one is the minimum order of $15.00. FWIW that's 11 packs of this gum, though I'm sure this random website has lots of other lovely items to choose from as well.

The second thing is the shipping costs: "Free UPS or USPS Ground freight for all orders over $75 shipped within the US and Canada" Doesn't sound like a pack of gum with free shipping to me.

I wanted to go further to confirm that the shipping is only free after a $75 order, but the site makes you sign-up/login before getting any further in the process, so no thanks to that.

Kinda sad - This was going to go over rather well in my office. Good thing I can get it for $4.40 plus Prime/SSS at Amazon:


@smtatertot13: I think you need some of this gum :)


@triplebud: You're right. Posts should never have the proper, pertinent information. Good thinking.


That's a lot of people to want to tell to shut up,lol. I can see it now, great for a preacher. I can picture the preacher at the pulpit on Sunday morning just chucking packs of gum at his parishioners. It could work.


Thanks for all the info... saves the rest of us the hassle of actually thinking we can get some of this without spending too much money for a gag gift. I would have liked to get a pack or two for a friend/coworker but won't even bother now. Shame on you, Woot! for not providing ALL the necessary info...


@smtatertot13: Why is everyone on here so uptight? Can't crack a joke about gum BUTT you can post Serenity on Blu-Ray 500 times a day and everyone claps.


@iluvmyritz: no problem! :)

just a heads up: deals here are mostly posted by users like you and me. if it's posted by staff, you'll see a little orange square badge by their username.

that being said, I tattled early this morning, asking them to remove the "free shipping" note, but apparently that isn't going to happen....such is life :)

@triplebud: This community is made up of a strange, weird and wonderfully random group of people. Sometimes they're silly or snarky, sometimes they're helpful, sometimes they hate what you post. That's the way cookie crumbles, so to speak.