dealsreduced shipping & a free throwing guide on today…


1 - It isn't a deal, as this deal states reduced shipping, the site shows free.
2 - It isn't on any specific product, and has no guide so it is basically just a link to their website with normal prices and shipping specified by their site.
3 - They seem part of Budk, which I am -still- getting catalogs for.
4 - They indicate that by using their site you authorize them to share your information with affiliates, and overall their privacy report is a bit scary for a site you might only ever use once.

My main reason was that it simply wasn't a deal anymore than the airline or netflix deals but there are other reasons. :)


Do people who are "anti-throwing knife," really need to be told they are not to use this?


the prices are not spectacular, but i upvoted because i like to see this kind of stuff on deals.woot


Any affiliation to Budk deserves to be downvoted.


@mfwills: Anti-throwing knife people should use Anti- brand throwing knives.



It's not a spectacular deal, but it's also become "trendy" to downvote the last of the featured deals. I've seen some spectacular deals downvoted just because of where it's at on the list.


@theflatline: They're arranged by votes, so the one on the bottom will have the most downvotes.


@theflatline: Muhahhaaha You no good at Woot!!