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When I was a kid, this show was the greatest.
Years later I see an episode and realize how easily impressed I used to be.

Still, it's not a bad show, and the price is really low...
What the hell, in for one.


Tried this last year. Like most, I was in love with this show as a child. As an adult, I found it to be just about the worst-acted, lowest-budgeted, and poorly scripted show I have ever seen.

Trust me when I say, don't buy this... keep your fond childhood memories of it instead. You'll be far better off.


Hate to say it, but I picked this up from Wal-Mart from the $5 bin over a year ago. I do agree with acraigl, it is almost painful to watch, but my kids love it as much as I used to.


DH loved this show back when we were first married. Even then we knew it was a bit cheesy, but what fun! And the word "scenario" became part of our regular vocabulary after watching it!