dealsfree shipping sitewide for woot customers!


Heads up!

This company offered free knifes, didnt deliver, and probably spams you with e-mails and catlogs. DO NOT give them your buisness!


Free Shipping. It's easy to offer free shipping when you don't ship the product.

This is the company that promised free throwing knives and never delivered. Always save extra downvotes for BUDK

Edit: Well played @Teenracer6 Beat me by just a few seconds.


Wow, and here I thought I was the only one who had issues with BUDK... how does a company like this stay in business?


Well that is odd to hear for me. I have been ordering from these guys for years and have not had one issue. Maybe I just got lucky.


steer clear of this place. all they do is spam you and not ship your order.

!! BEWARE !!


Just curious. Are most of these complaints stemming from the same promotion that they didn't follow through with, or are these individually different and unrelated issues?

I have ordered a couple of times from them and have had no problems, so I'm just wondering if they did a huge "free knife" promotion at one point that they didn't follow through on and burned a lot of people, or if I've just been lucky so far and should be more cautious.


Not going to pretend like they're an awesome company but seriously? you won't order from a company that has a B rating? B is pretty good... Most companies with A's only have A's because they paid for them. B is what you get when you refuse to pay the BBB for an A rating but they can't warrant giving you a low rating.

The free throwing knives thing was obviously a mistake everyone who orders "Free" stuff on here should be 100% aware that they most likely aren't going to get it regardless of who it's from. Every one who posted on the free throwing knives deal was completely aware that it was most likely a mistake they were never going to get to why are people suddenly shocked they didn't get their free throwing knives?

I'm as much for a good down vote as anyone but seriously come up with some legitimate reasons or complaints to downvote not bull(profanity) like this... How about "they always offer free shipping this isn't a deal" see how that works?


@bigellow @ikisat: Many cases can be turned up with just a Google search, not just the knives. Site is well known for deleting bad product reviews on its website, as well. Generally untrusted in the sword enthusiast community (yes, that exists.)

Forum thread with complaints:


@walkingsnake: So say that! that's a legitimate complaint. Complaining you don't get what's obviously a mistake from the start isn't a legitimate complaint.

I got an axe from budk through woot, it's an awesome axe. They've been sending me catalogs ever since. I never bought a thing from sportsman's guide or cabelas and they've both been sending me catalogs for longer than budk has. Beyond that I know nothing about the company I just want people to post legitimate complaints because otherwise it's kind of pointless.


I really wanted to get a shield from that website.. oh well, maybe I should try eBay first instead.

And... -deletes bookmark to Budk-


@teenracer6: This company had a obvious glitch in its system which caused EVERYONE to try to get free knifes. Some people were ordering 200 free throwing knifes.

I ordered a great priced fire axe and was very happy they included a free set of throwing knifes. Never used them, after my gun is out of bullets and I throw it at the bad guy, I am glad to know I will have six throwing knifes!

They are a very good company that has always delivered their products quickly.


@walkingsnake: Thanks for the info.

On a side note, not sure who down-voted my question and not sure why my legit question deserved a down-vote. Maybe someone doesn't like questions.

Ironically, when I searched deals.woot to try to find this notorious "free knife" deal, instead I found a 1 cent shipping deal they once had. It had positive up-votes, though not a lot. To a newcomer, it would simply appear that people don't like getting free shipping but like getting 1 cent shipping.

This company has been around for a while, before the Internet became big, so I was surprised to see so many negative comments that made it sound as though they never ship anything at all and just take money and run. I see now that it's just a bit of hyperbole. I have no doubt that maybe they've gone downhill, but there's a difference between a legit company that runs its business poorly and a fly-by-night company that's just running a scam. Any large business will have plenty of threads by angry customers.


I also get spammed with their catalog but recycle them by using them to test out my blades by cutting them up. I hate to use perfectly clean paper so might as well use the catalog spam.

In terms of service, no issue from the 3 times I have ordered and their product are rather poor quality and more in the "beater" category.


BE WARNED, this is a garbage company with horrific customer service.


@bigellow: That's my issue with the complaints. To my knowledge the free knives thing is a one time issue although they've had other deals that were good and later removed. Most of the people posting on the free throwing knives deal (I ordered 3 sets) were posting along the lines of knowing it was a mistake they weren't going to get but wth why not order and see if it shows up since there's nothing to lose. On this thread people are down voting and complaining they didn't get them... it makes no sense. BUDK sells a lot of cheap crap. They also sell some decent stuff, if you know the difference you won't get cheap crap. I've only ordered 1 product from them which was the aforementioned axe that's probably the same axe markmc27 ordered because it was on woot, my axe arrived promptly no issues with shipping at all. The forum linked complaining about BUDK selling crappy products it's completely warranted but there's people on that forum as well saying they've gotten great products as well.


@ikisat: By your logic, a great company that doesn't pay and has zero complaints gets a B rating.

Since they have 49 complaints and a B, sounds as though they're paying out the nose for an A+ rating but they can't justify giving it to them. For every complaint on file with BBB, there are usually 10 unhappy people that don't complain.

I'll pass.


@bonkernrh: I have no idea how you got that out of what I said. Up to you though, there's plenty of companies out there. I just don't put much stock in the BBB since it's a pay to rate system that's not exactly an altruistic looking out for the consumer model of grading companies.


For the record, I did get my free knives and have ordered from them in the past and the items came as described. I am not saying other people have not had bad experiences but thought I should at least let people know everyone does not have one.


I don't really care that I didn't get my free throwing knives. As mentioned above, with deals that look like mistakes, I tend to live and let live.

What I do care about though, is that I've never legitimately ordered anything from them, and I get about three catalogs a month from them, or one of their sister companies. Catalogs are useless trash these days, no matter who they're from. If you have a website, that's all the catalog I need. If you really want to remind me of your existence every so often, send me a flyer with a coupon and a picture of your three most popular items. If I'm in the mood for a sword, I'll look you up then.


Before I say anything. I work for a different sword/knife store.

For years budk has been shipping factory rejects along with normal product. We have had many customers upset with the products that they received. Some knives where dull or scratched. A few swords had rust. Some licensed collectibles products even had budk stamped into them. To be honest some people where completely happy with them. It all seem to be luck of the draw.

I personal would not trust them with my CC number. But like I started I work for the competition.


A friend and I have both ordered from BudK, neither of us have had a problem and we will continue to order from them whenever we need anything that they sell.


I have ordered from BudK twice. I received my product. Must of it is poor quality though. Some stuff is real. For example, they carry real handcuffs and junk ones. Real Zippo lighters and junk ones. But where else are your going to get a lipstick knife? Also, they do have a weak privacy policy. You will get stuff mailed to you that makes you wonder if you made the Homeland Security watch list.


So all this flap is because people didn't get something for free? And then you're complaining that they mail you catalogs?

Look at these prices. Are you expecting museum quality stuff? You get what you pay for.


For those of you complaining about the free knives. someone got a code for free knives. they posted it here with a work around to make it work without making a purchase. of courses they didn't honor the deal. it was not a public code to begin with. It was for customers who made a purchase to use the code. whoever posted itpublicly, shame on them. for normal orders, I order all the time with no problem. however, they do spam your snail mail. easy to opt out the email.


let me just say i have ordered from them on several occasions and as long as you know what your buying you get what you pay for if you buy a knife for 2$ you get a 2$ knife but if you spend 50$ you can get a quality knife and i am a knife collector.i have been buying from them from even before the internet was around.i think there was one deal posted and they did not honer that deal and people are mad because they did not get there free stuff.


Free shipping is nice but do a GOOG search and you'll see how awful this company is.

Like most places Im sure some have had no issues buying from them, but that goog search broght up some serious horror stories.

Yes, all GOOG searches on even the best company will pull up pages of negatives but take the time to read the overwhelming negative's on this company...

No way would I buy ANYTHING from that site. Heck, I wouldnt even order something free....Once you do, look forward to 50 spams a day from them and everybody they give/sell their mailing lists to...



The Free Knives Debacle of 2011 is a legitimate complaint against BudK. We would have been fine if the just said it was a mistake, apologized, and carried on. But where they differentiated themselves as a scummy company was when we all started receiving catalog spam in the mail. It's the physical, old-school version of those "free ipod" scams from 5 years ago.

I believe the excuse they gave was something like that the knives were meant for existing, paying customers. Until that point, I was an existing, paying customer and still didn't get jack squat, other than double the amount of catalogs I was already receiving.


Is this company the same as bkindustries, whose website and woot presence fell off the face of the earth two years ago? I seem to remember a number of people complaining that company didn't follow through on their sales. Never dealt with them myself, though, so YMMV.


You are not missing anything if you stay away from BudK. Most of their inventory are extremely cheap wall hangers and even their good items can be found at more reputable dealers. If you're looking for a quality historical replica, or just a really cool blade check out Cas Hanwei or Albion Swords. You'll pay a little more but you won't be giving money to these guys.


I'm downvoting because free shipping isn't really much of a deal all on its own. It's not like I'm sitting here thinking "Geez, I'd really like a few skinning knives. But dammit, no one's offering free shipping. Guess I'll continue skinning dead animals with my fingernails..."

The people who are in the market for knives probably aren't going to be swayed by free shipping, which most companies offer nowadays anyway, even if it's free shipping when you go over a certain purchase amount.


@draakan: same here. when the price, quality and item all line up I will order. I don't go to them first, but I have never had any issues.


I just wanted to stop in and say that any "deal" that doesn't list the company name in my RSS feed gets ignored.


I've bought a bunch of stuff from Budk and haven't had any problems with them so far. You do get a catalog of theirs once a month, but if it bothers you that much then you can burn it or throw it away.

Anyways, shipping is most of the charge you get from Budk.

$10 for the knife
$8 for shipping
30 miles away from their place.


I've ordered from them, and no issues. In fact, I once ordered a pistol grip crossbow, and it broke on first use. I called, and the shipped me a replacement.. no hassles. I don't get any email SPAM, and I get the occasional catalog.. as I do for Thinkgeek and others.

So, I have no issues ordering from them. But, maybe I've also always been lucky.


I've attempted to deal with them. Their website had an item listed at sub $10 in their "Under $10 sale" area. I think it was $9.97. Every time I added it to my cart it came up as $19.97. I was trying to order 5+ of them as gifts. Not a huge order... but paying $50 isn't like paying $100. Right? :)

I called and talked to a very pleasant lady who told me that "the website's prices are never right. So I can order it for you here for the $19.97 price and you'll be all set." I asked her why I wouldn't just order on the website and pay the same price, and she proceeded to tell me that the website was always messed up.

Made a lot of sense huh? The first and last time I'll ever try to place an order there. I thought she was nice, but it is one of those companies where the employees aren't empowered to do anything. That's pretty unfortunate. If something is listed for a week for $9.97 then it isn't "an error". The $19.97 was the error. Right? She couldn't disagree, but had no authority.


I don't care that I didn't get my free throwing knives but do I have to get a magazine in the mail every couple of weeks.


I have ordered from BUDK many times and have never had an issue. For our Christmas secret Santa party I and 20 of my friends all ordered from BUDK as a joke. Since no one else has a mailing address we used my house for them to be delivered to. For the next few months I received 20 copies of their catalog in the mail each month. But that was expected since different names went to the same address.

Previously BUDK also gave out free throwing knives. I got a pair and so did my roommates.

People should stop complaining about things and realize that this website is a legit reseller and that they do actually ship your items on time.

I'm tired of whiners.

A+ for BUDK on my part.


@teenracer6, @cowboydann: They never offered or promised entirely free knives. There was an glitch in their cart that allowed you to add the coupon code for the free knives without adding something else to your purchase (as the coupon was intended). Accordingly, the ability to add this code with an empty cart (and as a result, to get these knives for free) was an error. Someone posted this error to Deals.Woot.

Per their terms & conditions:
“BUDK reserves the right at any time after receipt of your order to accept or decline your order, or any portion thereof, even after your receipt of an order confirmation from BUDK. BUDK reserves the right to limit the order quantity on any item. In the event that a product is listed at an incorrect price due to supplier pricing information or typographical error, BUDK shall have the right to refuse or cancel orders placed for the product listed at the incorrect price, regardless of whether the order has been confirmed and your credit card charged.”


@thefenst: They still signed us up for their spam anyways. They could have apologized and taken us off the list but instead they kept our information and continue to send their monthly catalogue. As someone else said, it's no different than the win a free ipod information collection schemes in the 2000's.

But you win, I'll be sure to spotlight their more attractive qualities the next time they post a deal.


I'm sorry, but looking at the crap they have for sale, I have to say anyone who doesn't receive their order is being done a favor. You throw that junk at a ninja and the next thing you know he's laughing at you while the top half of your body slides away from the bottom.


@tcayer: No you don't (get what you pay for). I don't know anything about the free knives, my problem with them had nothing to do with anything "free". I placed a medium sized order of pocket knives a year ago to give as presents for my nephews. The problems with the order? 1) I was shorted a knife. 2) Two of the knives appeared to be used/worn. 3) The knives were shipped in an unpadded plastic bad, so all the boxes were smashed/crushed... not something you want to give as a gift. And when I contacted the company I got zero help. ZERO.


For those complaining about the catalogs, have you tried asking them to stop sending them to you?

This company has been around since before the Internet became big. They essentially started out as a catalog company, so it's what they know. The fact that they now have a website is just them trying to keep up with the times. At their heart, they are a catalog company.

So, rather than seeing these catalogs as unwanted spam, why not just ask them to stop sending them?


I got a 9.99 taser for the wife, it works and no issues with the order.

My issue with the company is all the dadgum emails. They also do not have much good stuff their either.


Personally, I don't know what I'd do with throwing knives anyway, so it isn't that.

It's the spam snail mail they started sending me once they had my address.
It was a LOT, and not just from them, but from what must have been partnered businesses for similarly themed nonsense.

I suppose if you take onto this that they also didn't send out the free stuff, then it's perhaps a little extra sneaky and underhand of them.

Even if you simply ran out of freebies, this makes you look like a crap company as the worst has to be presumed.


Will this code ever expire? Thanks. :)