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Pay to full price. The proceeds go to returning war vets.


@grejoh02: You can only get the download through Itunes, the cd is not available on the comedy central store.

If people would like to donate to the cause I believe this is the link to the charity in question.


@grejoh02: I'd rather pirate it than pay for it. If you want to help vets dont be a lazy f**k and think that a charity will put the money to good use, because they wont.


Does this come with the PDF version of the book?


@globalhavoc: While we have seen many charities, especially those for veterans, turn out to be frauds, the Wounded Warrior project has and excellent track record and seems to be above board. I understand your hesitancy but would hope that skeptics including yourself would do some research rather than just exclaim that that "a charity [won't] put the money to good use."


@globalhavoc: The Wounded Warrior Project has been up here in MT for years helping returned soldiers learn to sit-ski at Whitefish Mountain Resort, and I am sure many other ski areas. They are well supported by the community and the various military support organizations. Don't generalize about any group - there are always exceptions.


Charity Navigator gave them 3 out of 4 stars.

At the bottom of the page there are other non profits with similar goals so you may compare.