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I know it is kinda lame to express an oppinion on something as plebeian as a tape despenser.

But, as this is the world of Woot! I won't be alone...

I have one of these and it is great!


@dfsnapa: You're not alone. I actually passed on buying a tape dispenser at a store because ten bucks seemed too high. This deal is perfect, thanks for the endorsement.


I think I actually have this one, and it's crappy. The tape goes on this little spindle that's a larger part that extends down the body, and when you pull on the tape (like you do when you're going to use it), the larger part comes up and brings the roll of tape with it. I ended up having to tape down the larger part.

If it were an older tape dispenser I'd had that just started doing that, I'd be fine with taping it. Since it's a brand new tape dispenser, it's just bad design.


@shelladair: I have the exact same dispenser. You do realize the black hinged part needs to be pushed down until it locks into place don't you? There will be an audible snapping sound when that occurs. I'm by no means a professor of Scotch Tape or anything, but just sayin.........