dealslifetime horn straight razor with leather…


So it is pretty well known that these blades are completely junk. Twice now I have tried to have this honed, both times I was told it wasn't possible. Last time I told the guy to keep it for scales, and he still sent it back. Can't even give it away.

The blade rusted over sitting in a dry environment with other blades, all of which are fine except this tetanus magnet.
Oh, and the strop? Yeah, at first I thought "Well, at least I got a strop out of it." but guess what fell apart on me? That's right, the strop. The leather actually broken down like dust, leaving pits all over. At first I just realized it was overly dusty, but I figured it was from slightly lack of use (I tend to use DE). So I tried rubbing it down, and I even got neatsfoot oil. When I rubbed the strop, I realized that the dusty parts of it? That was the leather breaking down.
So there is literally ZERO about this deal that is worth anything. You get absolutely nothing out of this, except a lack of money.


And before it is asked, "Well, why didn't talk to the vendor?"

Yeah, because anyone selling this stuff is going to have any reason to do the right thing. If they were interested in being an honest company, they wouldn't have sold this stuff to begin with. This isn't even, "You get what you pay for." this is "Take that, sucker." Not to mention this vendor, owns,, and a dozen others, with this domain is an insult to the guy that owns (with an s). That is an upstanding person. I view this vendor as proof positive that Woot has a complete lack of integrity in the vendors it ships as long as they get paid.


@artimid: Thank you for saving me and many others $35, and a poisonous first venture into straight-razor grooming.


Thanks for the help. What is a good brand Razor?


@sheazeiser: Dovo makes a number of good introductory razors. Check out the forums on for some good discussions on getting started.


I just came here to down vote without really checking out any merits of cons about this product.

It's a Woot tradition!


@artimid, I just want to point out that deals.woot is community driven and woot does not ship these products or necessarily have anything to do with them.