dealslego clearance sale - 20-50% off + shipping


For some reason the correct deal page did not come through with the "woot this deal button". Here is the correct link for the Lego clearance deal:


Just to let you know, target has a company wide policy of not holding clearance merchandise and legos are a high theft item so using just to find them in a store is an iffy at best.


meh, pretty blah lego sets. Was hoping for some of the bigger space, star wars, or pirate sets.


Hate how lego pieces are becoming less open ended and you have to go with certain pieces


@berrdatherrd: Unfortunately, there was a pirate set available originally when the deal was posted. But no longer. It was one that was near the high end of the price range $75.00 (half off).


legos were the coolest toy i had as a kid


I remember when I was in kindergarten one of my classmates started crying and kept going "owie owie owie" and pointing at his butt. It turned out for whatever reason he had hid in this little play room we had in the classroom a proceeded to cram about half a tub of legos up his ass.

He had to have them "extracted" at the ER and after that we were not allowed to play with legos anymore. Kids suck.


@plasticpopcorn4: I work with Lego as a hobby/job and hear this a couple times a month from the Internet,friends, and people at conventions. They should all take a couple minutes to see the cool stuff people build now that was never before possible.

New isn't always worse.


I think there should be a better deal somewhere. Any comments?


@fredwallace18: that's sort of defeating the entire purpose of Legos.

Why not just build exactly what you want in hard plastic, then slice bricks out of it and sell it as a "set".

What you are talking about are basically 3d jigsaw puzzles, not Legos.


btw toys r us is running this same exact clearance in store. i just saw them tonight.


@enantiodromia: ummm...

I don't think you understand, even a little. These pictures are of things that normal people built out of their own collection.

If you were following new Lego products, and things created by fans of Lego I would value your opinion, but, as it is, you speak out of ignorance.

There's nothing about 'new' Lego that forces people to build in any particular way. They couldn't be further from being like a jig-saw puzzle!

Lego enthusiasts are limited only by their own creativity.

Sure, there have always been interesting things that fans of Lego have been building, but, in my opinion, the last few years are a Lego golden age, whether you want to build the set pictured on the box, or if you want to build your own thing.


Lego is a name given to a toy game comprised of various colored interlocking plastic blocks forming objects, buildings and the complete arena. Being a super brand, Lego is popular worldwide. Known to most of the households from the emerging to the developed world. Lego kits have always spurred the kids for over seventy years. The toy was firstly developed by a Danish carpenter cum toy maker Ole Kirk Kristiansen in 1934. He combined two words from the Danish language leg godt which meant play well forming the brand name. As the matter of fact, plastic toys considered inferior than the wooden ones at that time which didn't bring an immediate success. The initial years of its production bring along the issues with locking abilities of the bricks until 1958 when the modern designs were developed. It took 5 more years to exactly find the best material to be used for acquiring the optimum performance.For More Info: