dealsin-store - kindle keyboard: $79 or $124 for 3g…


Kindle keyboard 3G w/o ads is $189 on Amazon. This is a great deal! Thanks for reposting it!


This must be in store only, they aren't showing any Kindles online at all :( Tell me they haven't capitulated to Steve Jobs, please. That would be another store I can never shop at again..


@mschauber: They only sell their kindles in store. Go to the search bar type in Kindle it will show you a ton of accessories and at the top it will mention that kindles are in store only. Right under the sign up to get special offers. In case you don't see that its under the different tabs. IE: Office Supplies, Paper, Technology etc..


@dravack: You are a kind & gentle person. Thank you for the explantion...and for putting "In Store" in the title. ;-)


@mschauber: Did you mean Steve Job's ghost?


I will go tomorrow! Thank you, sir!


My sort-of-local Office max is not clearancing Kindles and has no idea that this is happening anywhere. If it's happening, it must be a local or regional deal.


My local office max denied any knowledge of this sale.


@leronis: Hrm might be east coast then.. Not sure where your located but like I said the ones in Memphis tn, Tupelo, ms, and Pensacola fl have all of theirs on clearance and I picked mine up on sale. I can post a picture of the receipt if you want? But yeah weird they don't have it on sale there... Where abouts are you located.


Washigton state. So very west coast. I asked the manager if it could be regional, and he said he had not heard of any such sales anywhere. I was a bot disappointed as I really wanted to get my hands on one.


Anyone else check out their areas? Any luck anywhere other than the 3 places I called?