deals8-pack aa eneloop 3rd generation nimh pre-charged…


A lot cheaper at CostCo. (And, yes, I know not everyone belongs to CostCo or lives near a CostCo)


@mjonczak: the second 'c' in Costco is not capitalized - look @ their logo:


Sorry, it's one of my many grammatical flaws


You can also get them cheaper here:

I guess the only difference is that the op linked to the 3rd gen ones. The only difference I can see is that you can recharge the 3rd gen ones 1800 times rather than 1500 times. That's quite a bit more just for a few extra charges.


These are great rechargeable batteries.
I cannot comment on the price but I get mine from Amazon as well.


In for one. Also, ships "free" with Prime.


Amazon does have a better price on these.

Also, as our grammatically-challenged poster noted, Costco has a great deal on these, too! I just got a set for $23 that comes with 8 AA, 2 AAA, a 4-battery charger, and adapters that make the AA's usable where C or D cell batteries are needed. (I always get their 48 pack of Kirkland AA's, but decided the extra $8 was worth it for what I got.)


@xyphox: Third gen Eneloops are also rated for colder temperatures, -20 C


I use Tenergy Centura (another brand of low self discharge NIMH batteries) from or from their shop at ebay.
Been very happy with them.
Cheaper than eneloop. I use them in toys, clocks, remote controls, etc


@ngufra: @andrewj posted a link to those same batteries above, great reviews.


@zippy the pinhead: Sentences should begin capitalized and end with a punctuation.

"the second 'c' in Costco is not capitalized - look @ their logo:"


I agree - Costco is the place to get them if you belong/are near one. I've also bought Tenergy and energyON (Nexcell) versions of these online and have had great luck with them as well.


@dewahba: How do you think he got the name zippy the pinhead?


I have noticed at My local Costco stores that they don't keep these batteries in stock very well. They tend to be sold out a lot so call ahead and confirm that they are available.


Go to Sellout.Woot today and get the eight enloops WITH crappy charger for $18 + $5 shipping.


Great batteries, but this seems to be the normal price (according to Also, they might not be betterer enough to justify the 20% premium over the previous generation; that's up to the individual. I've got a mix of 1st gen and 2nd gen at home and they're doing a great job


Aren't they similar to the sponsored deal above? You can buy two of those for less than this and get two chargers in the bargain!


@jc283: Well, what about hotter temps?
People do leave their cameras, paintball guns, and other electronics in the car.