dealssonic, america's drive-in - $1 hotdogs 6" all…


Anyone know if the Pretzel dog is included in this?


Great question, looks like only All American & Chili Cheese Dog. According to their site.


@cruiz7197: Thank you for the useless post!


Thanks for the info. Sonic is one of few fast food joints that does the Chicago dog justice. As for the rude link... I go to the gym 4-5 days a week and am fit. People aren't fat because of fast food. They are fat because of overindulgence. It's all in moderation.


I hit up Sonic for lunch. Not bad for the price.

If you have a Costco membership though, their standard $1.50 hot dog and drink deal is way better.


I used to be able to eat at Sonic. Now, if I eat there, my stomach gets all "shouty". This is a good deal, but I'll have to, ahem, pass.


Dilemma: Does paying 2 bucks for dinner justify the 3-4 hours of heartburn that will inevitably accompany said dinner?


@jhonen77: Not to mention the Internet faux pas of linking to a web site that doesn't even exist.


@musicalman: You don't have to have a COSTCO membership to buy the dog/drink. I buy my RX there because we don't have insurance.


I got tired of waiting in line. Went to McDonalds.


Yeah, I've never seen the Sonic near me be as packed as it was tonight. Worth the wait though to inhale some hot dogs and a delicious chocolate banana shake after a couple hours of playing basketball.

It might be worth mentioning they also have their HALF OFF ALL SHAKES deal going (every day after 8pm I believe) which is a pretty unbeatable deal considering they have a zillion flavors and you can get a giant shake for under $3