dealsfable iii - (pc download) for $12.49…


Do you need to download this through the Games for Windows Live client thing?


Sorry for my ignorance, but what's the difference between buying through Games for Windows vs. buying in a store? Is it just that you don't get physical media, or are there other drawbacks? Thanks.


Wow, this is a great deal, I usually wait until the games get cheaper, but it'll probably normally be this price by the time I get around to playing it anyways, ha ha.

@it7276: I like to get stuff through digital downloads like this and Steam because you don't have to hang on to the disks or worry about them getting scratched or anything, although if you're the kind to sell back games, then it probably won't be for you....


Okay, but for the record, this doesn't connect to steam, it connects to Games for Windows Live, right?


@silentlegend: It looks that way, you'll probably need that Games for Windows client thing on your computer.


Well you cant sell back PC games anyway so... Also Windows live Ulgg.....