dealsfox tv dvd black friday sale for $5.00


Some are more than 5 bucks but still cheap.

good time to pick up Always Sunny, seasons 1 and 2.


you cant sort by price? brutal


I said in my post that there were various prices. If I had just posted "Futurama $5" then people wouldn't have known that there were lots of other titles available at good prices.


Damnit. Now I have the Fall Guy theme stuck in my head.


For those who don’t feel like sorting through them all like I just did....

5 dollar DVDs

Dharma and Greg - 1st season
Futurama-Benders Game
Futurama the movie-benders big score
Futurama: Beast with a billion backs
24 Redemption
Prison Break-Final Break
Olive the Other Reindeer
Cedric the Entertainer Presents (Complete Series)
Bernie Mac Show (Season one)
Cops: Caught in the Act
Christmas with the Simpsons
Kendra - Season 1


Yeah, definitely a lot of good stuff!