dealsbetter brush silicone bbq / cooking brushes 3pc…


this website has terrible ratings at resellerratings:

I was going to order, but the allegation that they sell user info is unpardonable, even if you're only paying $3.99. A rater had his credit card number stolen and used for fraudulent purposes online after ordering for here. I'd stay away, even though it is a good deal.


@nam1123: I paid via PayPal, have no problems with this case.


argh, pasted the wrong link, here's the right one:

@kincy0804: you have a good point, and Paypal is a good a way to avoid immediate pitfalls, but your name, address, and email could still be sold. I have seen first-hand that that info is enough to get you into trouble online or in real life if used improperly.


@nam1123: Haven't had a problem yet and have ordered many items from the site. Besides horribly slow shipping, have had no issues.