dealskindle: a prayer for owen meany by john irving…


Amazon appears to be changing how the Kindle Daily Deal works, instead of 4 titles, we now have 42. So, I'm not going to post all 42, but I may highlight a few. This is one. A Prayer for Owen Meany (as well as The Cider House Rules) are both John Irving novels that I particularly like, but are in many ways very difficult for me to read. They are neither very nice novels, in the sense that good things don't happen to people and tend to make me very uncomfortable to read. This said, I may add both to my collection.


@wilfbrim: I like John Irving, even though, as you state, his stories are not "happily ever after "tales.
I look forward to your picks !
Thank you for wading through all the choices to find the best ones for us !